Premium Series Goose Calls from Toxic have the same great sound, tone, and overall goose harvesting capability as the AVICIDE series, but now allow the hunter to personalize their call to their own style. These calls are personally made to order just for our customers. Choose a barrel/insert color and an engraving color to make the call your own. The possibilities are endless!!

TOXIC TBH GOOSE CALLpremium_tbh_goose

Toxic TBH goose call is what waterfowler’s love and Canada Geese fear. A perfect blend of pit and stage, along with a sweet drop of subtleness. The TBH was designed for one thing to master the gander language. From the loudest of hails and double clucks, to moans and murmurs so low you’ll have to pick the wheat stubble out of your teeth. TBH does it all the highs the lows, with the power, and control. From beginner to expert the TBH has laid the final nail in the coffin of your search for the perfect goose call.

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TOXIC EOD GOOSE CALLpremium_eod1_goose

The “End of Days” (EOD) is a call based on one principal. HPMI or High Pressure Maximum Inflection. We wanted a call that was designed to sound as close to a goose as humanly possible. From the low end gabble sounds of a family of geese scouring for those tender shoots of grain. To the commanding honks and clucks of that boss Gander. At only 3 5/8″ long and with a back bored barrel and a exit bore, that puts all that sound right in the meaty part of your palm. The combination is there to do maximum damage, that’s why she is aptly named “End of Days”.


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premium_lyc_gooseTOXIC LYC GOOSE CALL

When goose homicide rates reach their pinnacle. One thing is held accountable. When you want to put birds not only on the ground but six feet under, the LYC is the call for you. A Goose Call that rolls screaming high pitched clucks so fast it’ll blow your buddies blind doors off. The LYC runs its mouth like a smart mouthed punk needing a little attitude adjustment. You better get your gun loaded, because that flock of hungry honkers are coming to give you and your fake flock the tail whooping you have been instigating. When your ready for a call to exterminate geese and your not worried to step foot on stage. Look no further.  Put the LYC on your lanyard and you are are now considered deadly.
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