Stand out in the marsh with the “Premium Series” Duck Calls from Toxic.  You have the ability to personalize your call to fit your style.  These calls have the same rich tones of the AVICIDE series, but now allow you to truly make these calls your own.  These calls are personally made to order and will make those greenheads cup and commit  faster than you can say “Take ‘em!”


The HCSS is by far the loudest, raspiest, most aggressive call in the Toxic stable. With a super short barrel and a hand cut insert. Toxic has combined all the little tricks into one call. This call has death written all over it.





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TOXIC DS3 DUCK CALLpremium_ds3_duck

A Call that fits every level of caller. From the first time duck caller, to the veteran just looking to call with less effort. Born in the Dirty South, a Triple Reed with Speed and responsiveness and ease of operation.




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TOXIC NBD DUCK CALLpremium_nbd_duck

Three words is all that are needed to describe this call. NOTHING BUT DUCK. This is a no thrills, no confetti and balloons, not your grandfather’s call. No it is there for one purpose and one alone. To be the deadliest nastiest duck call on the market. It rolls from open water hails to  timber clucks like a true mallard hen. Top it all off it has a feeding chuckle that’ll have you pulling rice and sprouts out of your facial hair. Only available as a single reed.
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TOXIC NBD2 DUCK CALLpremium_nbd2_duck

The NBD’s twin brother, stacked with an extra reed. We have answered the call for a duck call that serenades the back water. Sitting back in the timber of your honey hole, you don’t always want to reach out and grab the birds by the throat. The NBD2 is the call you want when you’re whispering sweet duckiness in the ears of a flock of wary migrating mallards. Only available as a double reed.



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